Make Granite Countertop Slabs Part of Your Upgrade Designs

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Are Granite Countertop Slabs Right for Your Kitchen?

Consider the following:

Do you cook two or more meals a day in your kitchen?

If so, granite may be the right choice for you. Toronto Designers are reporting that granite countertop slabs are increasing in popularity, especially with those who find that their kitchens are the most ‘lived in’ area of the home. According to many GTA home renovation companies, in addition to granite slabs for counters, homeowners often purchase complimentary granite décor such as flooring, surrounds and backsplashes at the same time.

Do you find yourself preparing a large majority of meals directly on the counter?

Of course, prepping meals directly on the counter can be considered a very bad habit, but let’s face it, many of us still do it. If you catch yourself doing this from time to time, granite slabs may be a very good choice for your next countertop material. The reason prepping meals directly on the counter is discouraged is because, in many homes, not a lot of thought was put into the countertop material, which means that your current countertop may be very porous, thus harbouring bacteria that could cause serious issues for you and your family.

Are scratches and scuff marks visible on the countertops you currently have installed?

Damaged countertops can make even the cleanest kitchen appear less than pristine, but when you have countertops that are of a less substantial material than natural stone, scratch and scuff marks are almost unavoidable. Granite and granite slabs are almost completely scratch resistant. In the kitchen, many sharp tools and utensils can cause damage to soft materials, resulting in irreversible damage. If you think that your new countertops are at risk to this type of damage, then granite slabs are definitely the way to go.

Are there damage or discolouration spots from hot dishes and pots visible on your current countertop?

If trivets and potholders were not enough to save your current counters from burn and scorch marks, granite slabs would make an excellent upgrade to your kitchen. Most materials are heat sensitive to a certain extent, but when you place a hot pot down on cheaper countertop material, burning, damage or discolouration can occur. Sometimes the damage is to such an extent that it may become necessary to replace the entire countertop. Granite, on the other hand, is fully heat resistant. It will not burn, deform, or discolour from hot dishes or pots placed directly on the surface.

Do you prefer a clean germfree kitchen that is easy to maintain?

Of course you do! Along with being scratch resistant, granite slabs with proper sealing are non-porous. This means that the surface is easy to clean, will not trap food or liquid and will not stain.
If you consider your kitchen the heart of your home, and if it is also a very high-traffic area, then the functional beauty that granite countertop slabs can provide during a renovation or remodelling project will serve you well, both immediately and for many years to come.